Definition: A Multi-Family property eligible for commercial financing is defined as a structure having at least 5 or more units with the residences seeking permanent habitation.

Key characteristics and considerations on a multi family commercial property:

  • Leases with terms of one year or greater..
  • A variety of bedroom and bathroom combinations.
  • Amenities, such as a pool, clubhouse or tennis court.
  • Convenience to employers, shopping and attractions.
  • Historical vacancy levels.
  • Shared or designated utilities among units.
  • Deferred Property maintenance.
  • Professional Management.


commercial loan intended to purchase an owner occupied property may be used for almost any property type not specifically investor related. However, farms, mining and other types of agricultural properties are generally not permitted.


Multi family commercial loans are generally written with 5 to 30 year terms, with or without balloons. As a general rule of thumb, the borrower is expected to put down 20% of the purchase price, as well as any closing costs that may be incurred.


This type of commercial loan requires full documentation, including: :

  • Operating Statements from the last 3 years.
  • Year-to-Date Operating Statement.
  • Property Rent Roll
  • Federal Tax Returns from the last 3years.
  • Personal financial statement(s)
  • Digital photos of the subject property

As an additional measure, a credit report will be pulled on the guarantor(s) as well as a Dun & Bradstreet report on the business. .


  • Appraisals
  • Title Work
  • Environment Reports
  • Loan Points


We offer commercial loan products suited for all types of borrowers. While some of these options promote a higher risk for lenders, qualified customers are eligible for the best rates we have to offer. .

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