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YSP Loans is a secondary market lender specializing in both owner-occupied and partial-owner occupied commercial loans. Operating as a division of Griffin Capital Funding, our team of lending professionals is capable of providing secured real estate loans between $250,000 and $6,000,000.

We currently offer the following commercial mortgage types: (*LTV = Loan to Value)

  • Conventional commercial mortgages with 65% LTV*
  • SBA Loans with up to 90% LTV*

Why Work with Us?

Fast – – Expect to receive a term sheet within 48 hours of your initial request. A complete commercial loan commitment will be made available within one week of your loan package submission.

Flexible –We work with YOU to select an appraiser. As long as your choice is capable of meeting our processing guidelines, they may be used to process your loan request.

Affordable – As a leading A&B paper commercial mortgage lender, the wholesale rates offered remain unrivaled among industry competitors. Our partnership with Griffin Capital Funding allows us to offer first and second trust commercial loans, all while paying the highest YSP (Yield Spread Premium) to our customers.

Our Commercial Loan Products:

  1. Full Document Commercial Loans – Offered with a SBA guarantee, this product has LTV limitations of 65% and 90%. Our minimum credit score requirement is 675 for clients with no prior history of bankruptcy. .
    • Typical values range from $400,000 to $4,500,000.
  2. Stated Income Commercial Loans – Teaming with our sister company, Angel Investment Group, LLC, we provide hard-money loans up to 60% of the appraised property value. As of now, there are no minimum credit scores and bankruptcy/foreclosure situations are analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Visit for more details.
    • Loan amounts vary between $50,000 and $350,000.
  3. SBA 504 Commercial Loans – The popular SBA program offers LTV values up to 90% of Under our SBA program, we provide up to 90% combined LTV between our commercial loan and the SBA debenture. Loan amounts traditionally fall between $500,000 and $7,200,000.
  4. Non-Profit Loans – We provide 80% LTV first trust commercial loans and up to 100% CLTV for non-profit organizations.

On a Select Basis, We Accept Correspondents that:

  1. Are capable of identifying quality loan scenarios and providing a complete loan package, including a write-up of the Church, to us.
  2. Have access to an established network of brokers that communicates directly with the public. An ideal candidate should be open to lending opportunities.
  3. Work directly with customers and will allow an analyst to conduct a phone interview on your behalf for each transaction.

**Principals and Owners may be subject to a background check prior to approval**

With Us, You Can Expect:

  1. Speed.Conditional Approvals within 48 Hours
  2. Communication.Bi-weekly Conference Calls and Training
  3. Options.A variety of aggressive loan products.
  4. Affordability.Options to meet every need
  5. Creativity.Innovative Deal Structuring
  6. Responsiveness.Timely feedback for all clients.
  7. Value.Up to 3% YSP. (Yield Spread Premium).